Supplication for acceptance of efforts 002-127
Supplication for Acceptance of Prayers 014-040
Supplication for keeping in the right path 026-083 
supplications during distress 003-025 003-026
supplications  004-075
Supplication seeking pardon 011-047
Supplication for dying in righteousness 012-101
Supplication for good of both worlds 002-201
Supplication for truth 021-112
Supplication for safety in journey 011-041
Supplication for knowledge 020-114
Supplication expressing gratitude 012-101
Supplication for orators and writers 020-025 -28
Supplication for parents and for mercy  014-041
Supplication for shelter 028-024
Supplication for perseverance 002-250
Supplication for provisions of life 003-025 003-026
Supplications for protection against evil ones 023-097 023-098

Six Supplications with their answer, study the next Ayah too:

Supplication when afflicted with calamity 002-156 157
Supplications when men said to them: "A great army is gathering against you" 003-173 174
Supplication for those who, having done something to be ashamed of, or wronged their own souls,003-135 136
Supplication when distress has seized you 021-083 84
Supplications when men plotted ill against you 040-044 45
Supplication when you was indeed wrong 021-087 88