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The Prophet Muhammad has taught us many words of repentance and supplication and it is good if we learn understand and use them.
Our Lord by Your Knowledge of the Unseen and by Your Power over Your creation Alllahumma Bi`ilmika Al-Ghayba Wa Qudratika


grant me life so long as You know life to hold good for me and grant me death when You know death to hold good for me! 'Aĥyinī Mā `Alimta Al-Ĥayāata Khayrāan Lī Wa Tawaffanī 'Idhā `Alimta Al-Wafāata Khayrāan


Our Lord I ask You for the fear of You in public and in private Al-Lahumma Wa 'As'aluka Khashyataka Fī Al-Ghaybi Wa Ash-Shahādati

 and I ask You for (the ability to speak) the word of truth in tranquility and in anger Wa 'As'aluka Kalimata Al-Ĥaqqi Fī Ar-Riđā


and I ask You for frugality in wealth and in poverty Wa Al-Ghađabi Wa 'As'aluka Al-Qaşda Fī Al-Faqri Wa Al-Ghiná


and I ask You for happiness which is never exhausted and I ask You for pleasure which is never ending Wa 'As'aluka Na`īmāan Lā Yanfadu Wa 'As'aluka Qurrata `Aynin Lā Tanqaţi`u


and I ask You for contentment with Your decisions Wa 'As'aluka Ar-Rā'a Ba`da Al-Qađā'i


and I ask You for the finer life after death Wa 'As'aluka Barda Al-`Ayshi Ba`da Al-Mawti


and I ask You for the pleasure of looking upon Your Face and meeting You without ever having undergone great suffering and without ever having been subjected to misleading temptation Wa 'As'aluka Ladhdhata An-Nažari 'Ilá Wajhika Wa Ash-Shawqa 'Ilá Liqā'ika Fī Ghayri Đarrā'a Muđirratin Wa Lā Fitnatin Muđillatin

Our Lord adorn us with the adornment of faith and make of us guides who are rightly guided. Al-Lahumma Zayyinnā Bizīnati Al-'Īmāni Wa Aj`alnā Hudāatan Muhtadīna


 We will do well to memorize it in Arabic.